January 28, 2009

Ice Storm.... New Record!

This is by far the worst Ice Storm Northwest Arkansas has seen in years! The sleet, rain, and snow just kept coming, tearing down power lines and destroying beautiful trees.  More than 90 percent of power customers were without electricity in Northwest Arkansas Wednesday morning, and there was no no word on exactly how long those residents will be in the dark. Luckily, our power came back on about 30 minutes ago, but it had been off since early Tuesday morning. It's amazing how you learn to adjust to things in the dark! Last night we cooked soup and turkey brats out on the grill! My brother, grandparents, and Trey are all still without power, so pray that they see light & heat again soon!  Here are some pictures that I snapped with my phone while driving down the road... Enjoy!

There were power lines down everywhere!

This was on the bypass.... a Semi was flipped over in the median.

This was at my grandparents house, one of their BIG, old, and beautiful trees uprooted out of the ground and fell on top of all 3 of their cars. = (

What a mess!
Same tree that was up-rooted....
Same tree.....
Tree's were just snapping and breaking in half

There were tree branches in the middle of the roads. There were even some full trees in the road, blocking traffic completely.

Stop Lights were out everywhere
Fallen Branches everywhere, it's going to take forever to clean Northwest Arkansas up again!

Another Power Line down.....
Another tree in the road...

These are some pictures that I took on my phone, I will do another post of our backyard..... we've been BOMBED!

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Kirby said...

I finally got power back too! And Harrison looks just as bad, and most of Harrison still doesn't have power. (I guess I'm one of the lucky ones).