January 17, 2009

Day 5


Kiley was very athletic.... ok, Kiley was a great Basketball player! Athletic might be stretching it a little! She had always played basketball, but her senior year in high school she decided she wanted to play softball too, for the first time! Oh dear! It was kind of scary! All though she didn't get to play very much, she was a great cheerleader and kept the girls motivated at all times! But anyways, back to Basketball! She kept out family entertained by traveling us all across the world to watch her play! I can remember when she first started playing. She was on a team at the Springdale Youth Center, and her team colors were red and baby blue. Back then she wore SHORT basketball shorts her hair curly with rollers, and a big red bow! How cute she looked, but not very intimidating! When she got into junior high basketball, she started become more aggressive and intimidating! She began to wear longer shorts, and Knee Pads! Yes, Knee Pads! Kiley was very agressive out on the basketball court! She would dive for balls, and spent most of her time on the floor! Also, in junior high is when she realized that she had the boniest elbows anyone could imagine, and that they could do some danger! In high school, Kiley became a Bulldog, but later was adopted as a Cardinal. Kiley played for Springdale, and played a lot! I High school she was introduced to ankle braces, not 2, but 4! Yes two on each foot! And later her ankles had to be taped first, than a lace up brace and then a velcro brace! She had the worst ankles, but they didn't stop her! She began to have some minor problems with some of the other players and the coach, which resulted in moving to Farmington. Kiley continued to play at Farmington, and did an amazing job. She was always the big Post that stood down under and scored for the team, until she got to college and NAC. She then looked like a little piece of rice out on the floor next to some of those great BIG monsters! But her size didn't stop her one bit! She played majority of the games at NAC and helped the team out tremendously! 

Great Memories from the good ole' basketball days:
* Nickname Wormey
* Traveling to Colorado
* Good Excuse to see Kiley while she was away at college
* Watching her face glow when she had an amazing game!
*  Watching her proudly represent the numbers, 20, 44, 52 and many more!


Robin and Stephen said...
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Robin and Stephen said...

Oh I have a wonderful memory of Kiley being adopted as a Cardinal! =) I played basketball for Prairie Grove (not as good as Kiley). Anyway, we, my team and the guys team were sitting on the visiting side during a tournament waiting to play our games. We all yes, we all (girls included) were distracted by this new, curly haired, tall and absolutely gorgeous girl walking in with the Lady Cardinals! Let me just tell you, every girl was jealous because of the reaction of our guys to seeing Kiley! She could definetly light up a room when she walked in and that she did the day I first ever saw Kiley!

Cassie said... said...

I never did really know your Kiley, but the more I learn about her the more I know that the world was a better place with her in it. Never stop sharing what she ment to you.

Steph said...

Kiley was obviously an amazing, talented and funny girl. Eventhough I never had the chance to meet her or get to know her, I am meeting her through your stories.

Anonymous said...

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