January 28, 2009

Ice Storm.... New Record!

This is by far the worst Ice Storm Northwest Arkansas has seen in years! The sleet, rain, and snow just kept coming, tearing down power lines and destroying beautiful trees.  More than 90 percent of power customers were without electricity in Northwest Arkansas Wednesday morning, and there was no no word on exactly how long those residents will be in the dark. Luckily, our power came back on about 30 minutes ago, but it had been off since early Tuesday morning. It's amazing how you learn to adjust to things in the dark! Last night we cooked soup and turkey brats out on the grill! My brother, grandparents, and Trey are all still without power, so pray that they see light & heat again soon!  Here are some pictures that I snapped with my phone while driving down the road... Enjoy!

There were power lines down everywhere!

This was on the bypass.... a Semi was flipped over in the median.

This was at my grandparents house, one of their BIG, old, and beautiful trees uprooted out of the ground and fell on top of all 3 of their cars. = (

What a mess!
Same tree that was up-rooted....
Same tree.....
Tree's were just snapping and breaking in half

There were tree branches in the middle of the roads. There were even some full trees in the road, blocking traffic completely.

Stop Lights were out everywhere
Fallen Branches everywhere, it's going to take forever to clean Northwest Arkansas up again!

Another Power Line down.....
Another tree in the road...

These are some pictures that I took on my phone, I will do another post of our backyard..... we've been BOMBED!

January 26, 2009

Landon's 5th Birthday... But the Start of My Rodeo Career!

This past Saturday was Landon Bailey's 5th Birthday party! He got a new pony for his Birthday, so Eric and Shelly decided to do a western/cowboy theme. It turned out cute, and it was a great excuse for me to start dressing up like a cowgirl! It was a BLAST! I'm gona like these new clothes!!! So stylish and Fun! LoL Here are some pictures from the Party.....

Landon's Balloon Horse.... How Cute!
Pearl Snaps and Cowboy Hats..... Were ready 2 Go....

Eric, Shelly & Landon with his new pony, STAR

Me and Miss Kitty.... Isn't she Beautiful!

Me and Misty-Lou!
Parker Jones and His horse Cherokee

Trey & Cashew

Day 14

Black & White

If you knew Kiley at all, you knew that her two favorite colors were black and white! Everything she wore, drove and even decorated in was black and white. Something about those two colors together just grabbed her attention. She always thought they were rich looking, and even wanted to have a black and white wedding one day!  Here are some pictures of Kiley's love for Black and White.....

Kiley's Car --> Black & White Mitsubishi Eclipse

Kiley's Bedroom --> Black & White Damask

Kiley's Outfit --> Forever Ago, but an example of Black and White clothes!

January 22, 2009

Deal of the Day

Now that I have a horse, i have to start dressing like a cowgirl right? Well, even if I dont HAVE to, i'm still having fun pretending...... and buying! I've been wanting a Hot Pink Carhartt coat, but isn't it my luck, there is no such thing! So instead, I decided to settle for the "rose". Which is the closest thing to Pink they have! One day if i'm rich, it's becauses I invented a Hot Pink Carhartt! Wouldn't you buy one? The coat I have been wanting cost $110.00, but I found some on eBay for about $75.00, but that is still too much for me to spend! Well on MondayI went to this store i n Siloam Springs, and they had 1 Rose Carhartt coat, size small! The only one they had in the store, and it was on SALE! It had been marked down to $80, $65, $40, but guess what! I got it for $22.00! What a deal! I am so excited! I can't wait to wear it!

I also got some other great deal! Pearl snap shirts, carhartt shirt, tennis shoes for my nephews, and some rain boots that are shaped like cowboy boots!, but those deserve their own post! Mom call's them my poop waders!

I got the black and pink pair!

Day 10

Beautiful SMILE = )

Need I say more? Everybody that knew Kiley, knew that she had a contagious smile that lit up a room........

January 21, 2009

Day 9

Wonderful Co-Worker

Kiley seemed to be one of the best Co-worker/Boss there was! She knew when to be strict, but she also knew when to have fun with her girls. She always had wonderful stories to tell about each and every girl at her work, and always bragged about how wonderful her boss was! Bill always took such good care of Kiley. On snowy days, he would make her take her car home in the morning, and follow her to her house and bring her back to work so she wouldn't take the chance of wrecking her car! Also, all of the girls at Kiley's work seemed to be amazing people. They continue to take flowers out to her grave, and post comments on facebook. They miss her so much too!

Here are some of the wonderful messages that these girls have left on Kiley's facebook.....

Kimberly Hankins wrote at 11:29am 10/02/08
Kiley......... things aren't the same with out you! I wish you were still here! talking about Greys with Jarrod just doesn't seem right!!

Erin DeLoach wrote at 8:33pm 5/27/08
I love you and miss you! I think about you every day! You continue to encourage me!

Kimberly Hankins wrote at 1:29pm 4/21/2008
wish you were here!! Greys starts this week!

Bev Steele Edwards (Fayetteville, AR) wrote at 6:25am on January 15th, 2009
I still miss you so much!! see you soon

Erin DeLoach (Fayetteville, AR) wroteat 11:05pm on October 16th, 2008
Your girls at AWG sure miss you! You were so much more than a co-worker to many of us! There are so many things that remind me of you, I think about you daily. I continue to try and be a "Fred", just for you Kiley! Love you dearly!

Kimberly Hankins (Arkansas) wroteat 12:46pm on April 9th, 2008
You are being missed greatly! It is not the same with out you!

January 20, 2009


Kitty & Cashew

I have always loved horses, and we have always had a horse. The horse that sticks out the most in my mind was Joe. He was a great horse, so calm and gentle. Well here lately, well the past couple of years My love for horses has increased dramatically. I have been wanting my own horse to ride, brush, feed and just love on! So, I decided to break down and buy a horse! Well, along with my love for horses, Trey decided he loves horses too! So he wanted a horse as well! So, now we have 2 beautiful horses that we love! Everyone else may not agree with us. Some may say their too skinny, or not very pretty, but after we get some feed and bermuda grass in their tummy's they will be evenmore beautiful. We are so excited! Broke, but excited!!!

Kitty is my horse and Cashew is Treys! (Kitty is the Bay and Cashew is the Palamino)

I can't wait to post more pictures and show you how much they imporove! = )

But don't forget about my beautiful Kiwi!!!

Day 8


Bruiser was the #1 man in Kiley's life. My grandparents bought Bruiser for Kiley when he was just a puppy, so she could have someone to protect her and keep her company while she was in Harrison going to school. While spending that quality time together, they formed a great relationship. He was always there for her, never talked back to her, and protected her at all times. What a great MAN! = ) Bruiser and Kiley had a relationship with eachother that all humans would love to have with their dog. They respected eachother and loved each other so much! Bruiser went everywhere with Kiley. He would ride around in her convertible with his eyes squinted and his tounge hanging out. He always looked like he was smiling when she was around. He anticipated her arrival at night, and as soon as he would hear the garage door, he would run to the back door and wait for her with excitement. When Kiley first left us, you could tell bruiser knew she was gone. He would still wait for her by the door, and at night he would diappear in her room and go lay under her bead. He seems to be doing better these days, but the glow in his eyes is still missing. He misses his mommy!

January 18, 2009

Day 6

A love for Music

I have never met anyone else who has had such a love for music like Kiley did. Music was like gold to her, priceless and beautiful. She was Itunes downloading, cd burning queen! She was constantly updating her iPod, and adding new music to it. But there was a never a certain genre on there, her music ranged from country to pop, to christian to oldies. She had it all!  She hated silence, so she always had music playing. In her room at night or in the morning when she was getting ready. The first thing she did when she got up, was flip on her iPod, and the music would start playing! Also, she never left the house without her iPod! She took it with her everywhere she went! It would always be playing in her car too.
Not only did she love to listen to music on her own, but she loved to listen to music at church. This was truly Kiley's favorite way to participate in worship, and get fed with the Holy Spirit. Her heart longed for music! And now I know she is in Heaven listening to the beautiful music and walking the streets of gold! How wonderful! 

January 17, 2009

Day 5


Kiley was very athletic.... ok, Kiley was a great Basketball player! Athletic might be stretching it a little! She had always played basketball, but her senior year in high school she decided she wanted to play softball too, for the first time! Oh dear! It was kind of scary! All though she didn't get to play very much, she was a great cheerleader and kept the girls motivated at all times! But anyways, back to Basketball! She kept out family entertained by traveling us all across the world to watch her play! I can remember when she first started playing. She was on a team at the Springdale Youth Center, and her team colors were red and baby blue. Back then she wore SHORT basketball shorts her hair curly with rollers, and a big red bow! How cute she looked, but not very intimidating! When she got into junior high basketball, she started become more aggressive and intimidating! She began to wear longer shorts, and Knee Pads! Yes, Knee Pads! Kiley was very agressive out on the basketball court! She would dive for balls, and spent most of her time on the floor! Also, in junior high is when she realized that she had the boniest elbows anyone could imagine, and that they could do some danger! In high school, Kiley became a Bulldog, but later was adopted as a Cardinal. Kiley played for Springdale, and played a lot! I High school she was introduced to ankle braces, not 2, but 4! Yes two on each foot! And later her ankles had to be taped first, than a lace up brace and then a velcro brace! She had the worst ankles, but they didn't stop her! She began to have some minor problems with some of the other players and the coach, which resulted in moving to Farmington. Kiley continued to play at Farmington, and did an amazing job. She was always the big Post that stood down under and scored for the team, until she got to college and NAC. She then looked like a little piece of rice out on the floor next to some of those great BIG monsters! But her size didn't stop her one bit! She played majority of the games at NAC and helped the team out tremendously! 

Great Memories from the good ole' basketball days:
* Nickname Wormey
* Traveling to Colorado
* Good Excuse to see Kiley while she was away at college
* Watching her face glow when she had an amazing game!
*  Watching her proudly represent the numbers, 20, 44, 52 and many more!

January 15, 2009

Day 3

A Heart For Missionary

Kiley had a special place in her heart for missionary work. She had always dreamed of going across seas and working with young kids. In July of 2006 I had the oppurtunity to go to Honduras with Kiley and her church. It was an amazing trip, and to be able to watch my sister cater to these people was amazing. Her love for the children, and even adults was unexplainable. You could see the glow in her eyes when she was around these people, and even bigger glow in the young childrens eyes she was working with. They adored Kiley. The year I went with her, was actually her second year to go, and the kids definately remembered her and who she was. How could they forget such a beautiful loving person like her? Our trip to Honduras is a memory I will never forget, and I am so thankful for that week we spent together, growing closer to one another, and especially to the Lord.

January 14, 2009

Day 2


Kiley was a very determined person. Once she got something on her mind, she wanted it done immediately, and correctly! The story that sticks out the most in my mind, was a couple years ago when she was living out on her own. We were at the gym working out (imagine that) running on the elliptical machine, and she begins to tell me that someone at work said that now is the time of the year to trim back your grass! Well, she was talking about that tall grass, that's slices you into pieces! (Monkey grass, or pampas grass, whatever it's name is!) Well as soon as we got home, she wanted to trim her grass back! Well of course, a young girl living out on her own, doesn't keep bush trimmers in her garage, just in case she might need them! So what does she do? She goes inside and grabs to pairs of scissors. Yes, the regular old orange handled scissors! She wanted her grass cut back, and she wanted it done right then. So we began to cut her grass with our fancy scissors! It took forever, and by the time we were done, our hands were sliced to pieces. 2 great big plants later, and 4 bloody hands, we got it done! And it did look pretty good, for having using household scissors!

Kiley's determination was a good thing! She always made sure things got done in a timely manner! I miss her being here on my case about getting things done As soon as possible!

Did somebody say Birthday Boy ?!?!?

Happy Birthday Eli! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! And may all your dreams and wishes come true!

January 13, 2009

Just a month away

Hello World! Do you realize that I'm blogging twice in the past three days! Crazy, huh, but don't get spoiled to this! This is a once in a lifetime event! Just kidding, my goal this year is to be a better blogger, but sometimes it's so hard to write about my life, when my life is soooo boring. Yesterday was my first day back into torture, but overall it went pretty good. both of my teachers let me out of class early, so that was a plus. At least better than last semester, all of my teachers kept me the full time, and one class even went over! Both of my teachers this semester seem to be pretty cool. They are both younger, and seem to care about the subject they teach. And the good news is, that both of their final exams are not cumulative, which is a great thing. The bad news is, that in all four of my classes require a research paper, or a book report. Yuck! Oh well, I've got 4 months to get them done, right! That is if I don't wait to the last minute to do them all! = )

Today has been pretty good! My feet feel pretty, and when my feet feel pretty it makes my happy! My sister got me the cutest pair of shoes for Christmas! They are pink, black and purple flats, with a big flashy patch of sparkle! They are soooo cute & COMFY! I love buying, receiving, and definitely WEARING new shoes! Thanks sis!

Today is January 13, 2009. Wow, where has time gone? A month from today will be exactly one year since my beautiful Kiley Elisabeth has left me, and everyone else who loved her so much. I have been dreading this day for a while, but the worst part about it is that it is on a Friday. February 13, 2009, is on a Friday. Yes, Friday the 13th. Why? Why does this horrible day with horrible memories have to fall on Friday the 13th the following year? I guess any other day would be just as bad, but the sound of this one seems worse! I still can't believe how fast time has gone by. I want to dedicate these next days (31 days) to Kiley, and take the time to write about her and how special she was. Each day I would like to provide you with a characteristic that describes her, or maybe a story, that has changed my life because of her. My sister was an amazing person, with a great heart, and I think everyone out there should know that!

Day 1 - A Loving Sister
Kiley Elisabeth Martens, was the most wonderful sister anyone could ask for. She always knew the right words to say when I was down, and could read my mind better than anyone I know. Being only five years a part, we were able to create a bond that has impacted my life forever. She was an amazing person, whom I looked up to, and wanted to be just like. It's hard to find many people that are as strong, beautiful, athletic, caring, and have a good heart, like Kiley. But not only did I lose a sister 11 months ago, I lost my best friend. The one person I had to go work out with at night, the one person, I would cruise around with in her convertible, as she blared her most recent downloads on her ipod. The one person, that I would go tanning with at Premiere, after a hard work out. The person, who would run to Braums with me for double scoop or Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on a waffle cone at 9:00 at night, even though we were suppose to be dieting. The person I would share all of my clothes and shoes with. She use to come into my room, and flip my light on while I was still asleep, and yell Good Morning, and start searching through my class for something to wear. At that time it frustrated me, and I just wanted to sleep in a little more, but it's amazing how much you miss those things, and you would take them back in a heart beat. Something else that seems crazy, is that my foot has shrunk almost a whole size since Kiley has been gone! I use to buy my shoes kind of big, so that Kiley could wear them too. She truly wore a ten, and I mostly wear a 9 or a 9 1/2. But I would buy a 10 just for her! The one person who could pull late nights with me helping me TRY to understand College Algebra, and never lost her patience with me. The one person who got me addicted to Diet Mount Dew, and always kept her fridge stocked with the best beverages, but never any food! The one person who made the best friendship bread, and tried every flavor of pudding there was, until she found the best one. The one person, who could destroy a kitchen minutes while cooking, and leave it mess for other people to clean up! This list could go on for pages and pages, but most of you get the point. Kiley was truly one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and I would not be the person I am today, without having spent 19 and a half great years with her. So, thank you for being who you were, and making me the way I am! I love you sis

January 10, 2009

It's almost that time again..... = (

Wow! I can't believe how fast this past month has gone by. With the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and kicking off the New Year with several Resolutions, time has flown by! The worst part about it, is that school starts back Monday. = ( Usually I can handle another semester, and can pep talk myself into another 4 months of torture, but I don't know if I can handle another semester! It's kind of scary.... this is my last semester of "basics" and then I start the teaching program at the UofA. = / Then what..... what if I finish that and I can't find a job, or what if I'm horrible at what I do, and the kids hate me.... and then what to I do, where do I go from there? All that time and money down the drain.... OK! Snap into reality Amelia...... There's no need to stress and worry about that now, right? That's still many months away! But i'm sure it will be here before I know it. My last semester at NWACC consists of Human Geography, Arkansas History, History of American People to 1877, and Foundations of Early Childhood. Can you tell I hate History? And put it off till the last semester.... oops! but anyways, that's enough about boring ole' school!

I can't wait to watch the Razorback game tonight! I hope we win our first SEC game! Wahooo GO HOGS Go !!!