January 14, 2009

Day 2


Kiley was a very determined person. Once she got something on her mind, she wanted it done immediately, and correctly! The story that sticks out the most in my mind, was a couple years ago when she was living out on her own. We were at the gym working out (imagine that) running on the elliptical machine, and she begins to tell me that someone at work said that now is the time of the year to trim back your grass! Well, she was talking about that tall grass, that's slices you into pieces! (Monkey grass, or pampas grass, whatever it's name is!) Well as soon as we got home, she wanted to trim her grass back! Well of course, a young girl living out on her own, doesn't keep bush trimmers in her garage, just in case she might need them! So what does she do? She goes inside and grabs to pairs of scissors. Yes, the regular old orange handled scissors! She wanted her grass cut back, and she wanted it done right then. So we began to cut her grass with our fancy scissors! It took forever, and by the time we were done, our hands were sliced to pieces. 2 great big plants later, and 4 bloody hands, we got it done! And it did look pretty good, for having using household scissors!

Kiley's determination was a good thing! She always made sure things got done in a timely manner! I miss her being here on my case about getting things done As soon as possible!

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Steph said...

Good 'ol kitchen scissors work on everything!!!

This picture of Kiley is so beautiful. She was beautiful inside and out, just like you .

<3 Steph