June 7, 2009


On Wednesday night, when I came out to my car..... after a BAD/Slow night at Sassy's I found 3 beautiful red roses on my car windshield. I was so Shocked & Surprised and HAPPY!! It definitely turned a Bad night into a GREAT night! It's amazing how the smallest things can make the biggest difference! 

June 2, 2009


My life has been craZy Bee-Z this week..... And it's only Tuesday! All the fun and excitement began yesterday.... Here are some great reasons  (excuses) why I never blog:
  • I work Full Time @ a Bank
  • I started a 2nd job yesterday at Sassy's 
  • I started Summer School Yesterday
  • My life is very boring, I do the same ol' thing every day.
You can clearly see what my life consists of and revolves around. I have no FUN what-so-ever..... ok- maybe a little!

Do you remember when my dear friend left the bank and we threw her a going away party not to long ago? Well, this is her and her husbands new restaurant: Sassy's Red House Bar B-Q & Grille.
She was kind enough to let me start waiting tables there. The good news- its fun and exciting and hopefully I will make good tips. The bad news- I missed the whole week of training and it is very tiring and very hard work. But in the end it will pay off.... or I hope! If you like some good BB&Q  and a great atmosphere, then you should come on down and try it out! The food is amazing.... and the service is great too, hehe. I will be working there on MWF and Saturdays from 5:00-10:00! Some come see me! = )     *It is located past the old hospital towards Dixon st in Fayetteville, its a red building! You can't miss it!

And guess what? It's time for school AGAIN. Yeah! Wahooo! I'm so excited..... NOT! That 2 week break sure did go by fast ......... maybe because I spent a week of it at the beach, which was amazing! I am taking Survey of Exceptionalities this summer, hopefully it will go by fast too. The good news is that it is an online class, so I don't actually have to go to school!

Happy B-Day Becke' !!!

Today is my wonderful sisters BIRTHDAY! Becke'- you are a wonderful daughter, amazing sister, fantastic wife, a great mother to your children and a friend to all.  You have so many great characteristics and talents, that have blessed those around you in many ways. I pray that God will continue to bless you and help you impact other people's lives, as much as you have impacted mine. Thanks for being such a phenomenal sister and an amazing role model. I love you & HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU!