June 2, 2009


My life has been craZy Bee-Z this week..... And it's only Tuesday! All the fun and excitement began yesterday.... Here are some great reasons  (excuses) why I never blog:
  • I work Full Time @ a Bank
  • I started a 2nd job yesterday at Sassy's 
  • I started Summer School Yesterday
  • My life is very boring, I do the same ol' thing every day.
You can clearly see what my life consists of and revolves around. I have no FUN what-so-ever..... ok- maybe a little!

Do you remember when my dear friend left the bank and we threw her a going away party not to long ago? Well, this is her and her husbands new restaurant: Sassy's Red House Bar B-Q & Grille.
She was kind enough to let me start waiting tables there. The good news- its fun and exciting and hopefully I will make good tips. The bad news- I missed the whole week of training and it is very tiring and very hard work. But in the end it will pay off.... or I hope! If you like some good BB&Q  and a great atmosphere, then you should come on down and try it out! The food is amazing.... and the service is great too, hehe. I will be working there on MWF and Saturdays from 5:00-10:00! Some come see me! = )     *It is located past the old hospital towards Dixon st in Fayetteville, its a red building! You can't miss it!

And guess what? It's time for school AGAIN. Yeah! Wahooo! I'm so excited..... NOT! That 2 week break sure did go by fast ......... maybe because I spent a week of it at the beach, which was amazing! I am taking Survey of Exceptionalities this summer, hopefully it will go by fast too. The good news is that it is an online class, so I don't actually have to go to school!


Kirby said...

So, all this working that your doing your obviously making good money. What are you planning on buying me with all that money? And ya know if you'd come over to Harrison then you would have FUN!

Jessica said...

We are going to come see you this summer at Sassys!! : )

Amelia said...

Ok! Sounds Good!!! = )

Anonymous said...

The beach was fun.....riding your horse is fun.....come on now...it's not THAT bad is it? And you don't HAVE to over extend yourself. I think you just like being busy. So, what is fun in your opinion that you have been missing? We will have to fix it.

Amelia said...

My bad..... My life is FUN. I have a GREAT life. I wouldn't change any of it for anything! I love my family, jobs, hobbies, pets, and friends! I just don't have the normal "fun" life most people my age have, but that's a good thing, I DON'T want that life.

Sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone.