August 31, 2008

A Day of Work

Yesterday was truly a day of work. I started off the morning  by leaving my house at 8:15 to go to work. (Metropolitan National Bank) I did my duties there, and then headed back to Fayetteville to babysit at 1:00.  This is where the fun begins! Chris and Katie left me Ella's car seat, so Bennett and I decided to hit the road for some fun, instead of just sitting around eating doubled stuffed oreos and watching cartoons from the great Nickelodeon show, "Noggin".  We left the house around 2:00 and didn't get back home till 7:15. That's a long time out and about with a precious little angel who didn't get a nap because it was rudely interrupted with FUN! She was already so tired when we left, that she fell asleep on the way to our first exciting event..... Chuck E Cheese! But it didn't take long for her to come alive again. We bought some tokens, and the games began.  Bennett was jumping from one machine to another, not knowing what he wanted to do next. The good news is that I think we did every piece of money grabbing machine at least once. They had a blast and 75 tokens later I decided that we better go.  Now I know why it's so easy to blow money at these places! It's great entertainment, and fun for me, helping Ella ride in moving cars, and taking her picture with the Etch and Sketch machine. We gathered our tickets, fed them through the counter, and wha la, 150 tickets!  I thought that was pretty good since this place is not like Lokomotion where you can win jack pot once, and you've got 150 tickets after one machine. Bennett picked out some prizes and Ella got a sucker and we attempted to leave. But of course, like Wal-Mart, they stick last minute items by the door, and every child and even adults want at least one of these amazing little cheap rip off gadgets that never work, or the extra small hand sanitizer that only lasts a week. Ya,  you know what I'm talking about! Well in our case, it was a wonderful Ice Cream Machine. Bennett asked if he could have one and me being the great baby-sitter I am purchased one for him and Ella, and went back over to the Chuck-e-Cheese stage, and ate our wonderful ice cream sandwich's. And then we left for good! Not really wanting to go home yet, but not knowing what to do next, we decided to go to the mall and play on the play land down by JC Penney's, where every other kid decided to play. Bennett immediately took off his socks and shoes, while Ella and I tried to find somewhere to sit. Well every spot was taken except for this one, so I headed over there took a seat with Ella in my lap and she began to clap and yell for Bennett who was running around. I asked her if she wanted to go play too, already knowing the answer would be yes. I took of her shoes and off she went.  While watching them run around I soon began to realize why the seat I sat down in was the only one left, and no one wanted near me. Well it wasn't really me, it was where I was sitting. Yes, next to the wonderful she rack, where all the kids placed their shoes while they play. Oh my goodness, talk about stinky, musty, and BLAHHH! But I continued to sit there holding my breath and only breathing when necessary. But, in the future I will know, never sit by the stinky shoes! Everybody around me was probably thinking, ummm hmmm, she's a new-b, never been here before, she'll regret sitting there. I guess that's why everyone who didn't have a seat decided to stand and not sit.  5:30 came around and Bennett decided he was hungry, so we headed down to Chick-fil-a and ate some dinner. Yes Becke, I've turned into you....eating dinner at 5:30 with kids!   = )   After we left the mall we were going to go swimming in his neighborhood pool, but it was locked so we settled for feeding the ducks at the duck pond instead. Talk about poop'n machines. Those things had the squirts! After having a blast at the pond, and throwing rocks into a drainage hole, we headed home and took baths. They were both so tired that Ella crawled up in my lap and Bennett went and laid on the couch.... with no T.V, that's a first for him! They were both out by 8:30. I continued to rock Ella till their parents got home at 9:00. Such darling and well behaved kids! I truly enjoy watching them and spending time with the little goobs! 

Well I guess the Razorbacks pulled it off and won their first game!  But this might be a long year, cross your fingers, and wish them razorbacks good luck! Go Hogs!

August 29, 2008

Hog Special!

Hey! I just wanted to let everyone know that Metropolitan National Bank has a great Cd Special right now!  13 month @ 4.01% APY   Don't let this offer slip away, offer ends 09-06-08! Call 479-845-4740 for details!  Thanks!

Ain't It Great To Tailgate!

Metropolitan National Bank 2nd annual Ain't it Great To Tailgate! And we had a blast! Give us Metro Girls a day of food and fun and were in, no if's, and's or but's!  Each branch decorated their location, and the most decorated branch won! Well, I never heard the results, but I'm pretty sure Pinnacle Hills should have won! We had streamers, Razorback pillows, blankets, hats, toys, rugs, and even flags! It was Razorback City at Metropolitan National Bank today! What a great way to pump everybody up before the big game tomorrow! We also had a variety of food from chili to baked beans, bean dip and doritos, seven layer dip, cookies, cake, fruit, cheesecake bits, bbq weenies, and several other wonderful snacks! Wow, what a day to eat your weight! We had a blast, but what made the day even better was that we got to wear jeans! WAHOOO !   Thanks to all who particiapated in the 2nd Ain't It Great To Tailgate at MNB!  

Birthday Bessie

It was a Birthday Bash and it was a BLAST! Perfect party for two! Mom's birthday was on Monday, and since I am just now blogging I'm celebrating her special day right now! So, you're probably wondering.... what the heckie-doodle-dandie, Bessie......who is Bessie? Well Bessie is my dearest mommy.  She got her name several years ago when we first moved to our house in Farmington.  We had just moved in, and every time we would tried to find her, she would be M.I.A. no where to be found. So dad decided that we needed to put a cow bell on her and call her Bessie! That way we would know where she was at all times.  Till this day that name has stuck with her. But anyways. We had a small celebration for mom, since there is no one here but me and dad to celebrate her big day! Her day started off by receiving flowers from me at work! They were big and beautiful! And then that night mom, dad, and I went out to eat at A.Q. Chicken House. (What is your AAAAAQQQQQQQQ?  That's for Kirby!)   After fried pickles and several pieces of all you can eat chicken over the coals we headed back home for a birthday bash.  Well, it was actually a party for two! Dad just sat back and relaxed in his recliner, while mom opened her gifts! But he did jump and sing..... happy birthday bessie, happy birthday to you!  Mom got a brand new TANO from all of us kids, and I got her some make-up and perfume!   Mom, I hope you have a wonderful time being 56, because you are so beautiful and an amazing person! I am very lucky to be able to call you my mommy!  Thanks for everything you do!

Princess Kiwi

Ok, so this is my baby, kiwi, and she is definitely the princess in the family! She gets better treatment than me! I mean she is spoiled rotten!  But anyways, she got her hair cut today thanks to my wonderful mother! Did you realize that we (or mommy mostly) spend almost $250 a year on her hair in order to keep her beautified! She's seven years old, so that means we have spent a total of $ 1,750 on her! That's more than she's worth! WOW! Do you have a pampered dog? Have you ever stopped and thought about how much money you have spent on them? And that's not even including dog food, and collars with Bling! But, that's why she's a princess, and money doesn't matter when it comes to her, because she is perfect.  And that is why she made today's blog! Go Kiwi, you did it! The pictures below were taking today in order to show off her beautiful hair cut, and there is a picture of Bruiser too, that way he won't feel left out. (P.S. How many dogs do you know that are that photogenic?) 

August 28, 2008

Official Blogger Now!

Hello All! My name is Amelia Martens, and I am the sister of Becke Stuart, who has a blogging addiction, and a brother who just got a blog to make her happy! So here I am! I am going to join the blogging crew and start having some fun! I here this is the new trend! I even heard on the radio this morning that schools are having blogs, and that's how they are informing people on events such as meetings and school ball games. That's crazy! Everyone's going to be blogging before we know it! I look forward to this whole blogging thing because it is the best way for me to communicate with my wonderful siblings, since they all want to live so far away from me. = ( I have been able to keep up with their daily lives, and now maybe they can keep up with my.......DULL DAY LIFE in my new DULL DAY DIARY!