August 29, 2008

Birthday Bessie

It was a Birthday Bash and it was a BLAST! Perfect party for two! Mom's birthday was on Monday, and since I am just now blogging I'm celebrating her special day right now! So, you're probably wondering.... what the heckie-doodle-dandie, Bessie......who is Bessie? Well Bessie is my dearest mommy.  She got her name several years ago when we first moved to our house in Farmington.  We had just moved in, and every time we would tried to find her, she would be M.I.A. no where to be found. So dad decided that we needed to put a cow bell on her and call her Bessie! That way we would know where she was at all times.  Till this day that name has stuck with her. But anyways. We had a small celebration for mom, since there is no one here but me and dad to celebrate her big day! Her day started off by receiving flowers from me at work! They were big and beautiful! And then that night mom, dad, and I went out to eat at A.Q. Chicken House. (What is your AAAAAQQQQQQQQ?  That's for Kirby!)   After fried pickles and several pieces of all you can eat chicken over the coals we headed back home for a birthday bash.  Well, it was actually a party for two! Dad just sat back and relaxed in his recliner, while mom opened her gifts! But he did jump and sing..... happy birthday bessie, happy birthday to you!  Mom got a brand new TANO from all of us kids, and I got her some make-up and perfume!   Mom, I hope you have a wonderful time being 56, because you are so beautiful and an amazing person! I am very lucky to be able to call you my mommy!  Thanks for everything you do!


Stuart Fam said...

Mom...nice flowers, cake, and gifts! My sister puts me to shame. Someday when I am rich like her, I will spoil you, too! Wish I had been there! I love ya! Mini--you do a good job of making people feel special. You are a wonderful sis!

Kirby said...

What is your AAAAAQQQQQ!!! Yay, love it! Dad jumped? hahahaha. Thats terrific, it must have been a special day!

Steph said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Amelia our mom's b-day's are two days apart, that is so cool. Looks like you guys had as much fun as we did.