August 28, 2008

Official Blogger Now!

Hello All! My name is Amelia Martens, and I am the sister of Becke Stuart, who has a blogging addiction, and a brother who just got a blog to make her happy! So here I am! I am going to join the blogging crew and start having some fun! I here this is the new trend! I even heard on the radio this morning that schools are having blogs, and that's how they are informing people on events such as meetings and school ball games. That's crazy! Everyone's going to be blogging before we know it! I look forward to this whole blogging thing because it is the best way for me to communicate with my wonderful siblings, since they all want to live so far away from me. = ( I have been able to keep up with their daily lives, and now maybe they can keep up with my.......DULL DAY LIFE in my new DULL DAY DIARY!


Steph said...

It is about time you post something;) Now I can comment on you. I love what you had to say, you are such an awesome young woman Amelia and I love that you are in my life. BLOGGING IS THE COOLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, one more blog to read at work when I am bored!
Glad you took the dirty jokes off!! teehee
So, what is the book/scribble on your first blog? Mom

Stuart Fam said...

I can hardly contain my joy, Mini! Welcome to my addiction. I love your cute and fun! Think we can get Mom to start one of these things?

Amelia said...

Well mom, I'm not sure what the scribbles are, I just found a random diary on the internet, and yes Becke we need to convince mom to get one. Mom, will you please?

Anonymous said...

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