August 29, 2008

Princess Kiwi

Ok, so this is my baby, kiwi, and she is definitely the princess in the family! She gets better treatment than me! I mean she is spoiled rotten!  But anyways, she got her hair cut today thanks to my wonderful mother! Did you realize that we (or mommy mostly) spend almost $250 a year on her hair in order to keep her beautified! She's seven years old, so that means we have spent a total of $ 1,750 on her! That's more than she's worth! WOW! Do you have a pampered dog? Have you ever stopped and thought about how much money you have spent on them? And that's not even including dog food, and collars with Bling! But, that's why she's a princess, and money doesn't matter when it comes to her, because she is perfect.  And that is why she made today's blog! Go Kiwi, you did it! The pictures below were taking today in order to show off her beautiful hair cut, and there is a picture of Bruiser too, that way he won't feel left out. (P.S. How many dogs do you know that are that photogenic?) 


Stuart Fam said...

The first pic makes me thing our princess should be on a commercial. She is so cute! I think she is too sassy to model, though. We would never be able to be a good enough agent for her. Her terms of contract would be way to hard to meet!

Steph said...

KIWI is such a beutiful girl, and she knows it...poor Bruiser, he is so misnderstood ;)