September 28, 2009


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September 23, 2009

19 months & 10 days - and you're still gone

Precious Sister

Sometimes I still hear the sound of your voice.
I wish you were still here with me, but you had no choice.
I know an Angel held you as your body said goodbye.
But that doesn’t stop my heart from breaking.....
........“I miss you and I cry”.
No one can believe that you are really gone,
Our hearts are broken and our spirits moan.
“She was to young”, I’ve heard people say,
“Why did she, have to die this way?”
I try not to be anger, I kneel and I pray,
Asking God to be with us, as we face each day.
I always try to give Mom an extra kiss,
To make up for a little girl, she will always miss.
I understand everyone's emptiness and their sorrow too,
Because, “My precious sister..... we all miss you“.
I know you are happy in Heaven above,
Surrounded by the Angels and all their love.
But today on earth, my heart still grieves,
Because you are no longer here to talk with me”.
I will look toward Heaven, for I know I will see
A Star that will suddenly glow big and bright,
It will be my sister smiling....
..... and watching over me.

This poem was written by: Teresa Shelton Bright

September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU and YOU...

Happy Birthday to my Brother, Devin!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Shelly!

(I can't believe it's that time of the year again)

September 21, 2009

Weekend Wrap ^

I love it when my siblings come visit me! On Thursday night when I got home, my brother was here. I love it when he comes home, because he's always awake when I get home at night, so I have someone to talk to for a while before I go to bed!

On Friday, my mom, my brother, and I got to hand out and spend some quality time together. We went and ate at Olive Garden, and then went to IO Metro and Hobby Lobby. (Or I guess we drug Kirby there) But it was still fun. I had to work Friday night, but Becke' and Eric and the boy's came into town for the Razorback game. (We wont' go there, sad loss) I didn't get to see them on Friday, so they were nice enough to come and eat at Sassy's on Saturday, since I had to work a double. Thanks for coming to see me! It always makes work better when you get to see people you know, especially your own family!

On Sunday we celebrated my birthday & Sammy-who-who's birthday. We had home made creamy chicken enchiladas (at my request) and delicious confetti cupcakes.... why are those soooo good? Becke' and the BOYS didn't get to stick around long, because they had to get back so Eric could teach a class.

Funny Story: I guess mom took the boys to go see the meatball movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Well Sam, came and hopped in bed with me Sunday morning (and Becke', they brought me a play-doh birthday cake that they had made! How sweet) Well, were laying there, and Sam looks up and says, WOW, LOOK AT ALL THOSE MEATBALLS, THEY'RE HUGE. It was so funny, he was referring to a picture in my room, and then looked at another picture and said there's more meatballs.

Hannah Crumby, is a beautiful, smart, loving four year old girl in my Sunday School Class. This past week, she got really sick, so her parents took her to the doctor. They ran some tests (blood tests) and went ahead and transferred her to the Children's hospital. From there, they diagnosed her with Leukemia. Please pray for the Crumby family, that God will provide the best treatment plan for Hannah and that he will give them the strength and courage they need to get through this difficult time.

Thank you for prayers.

FYI: It's almost that time of the year again, where Northwest Arkansas is extremely crowded.... Prepare yourself for the 10th Annual Bike, Blues & BBQ.
Can you believe this is already the 10th one? I couldn't!

September 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy SIX years to the best boyfriend in the world! These past years have been a blessing and I look forward to spending many more GREAT years together. Love you!

September 16, 2009

What are the odds...

Of stepping on a FROG in your own driveway?
And NOT knowing what that squishy thing is under your foot.
So when you move your foot, you realize you just squashed a FROG.
The good news is -- He Lived! He hopped away very slowly, and it took him a minute to get himself UNSTUCK from the ground.... I know, isn't that horrible.
The bad news... something long and stringy came out of him.... guts? or did he go to the bathroom?


Not sure what that is.....

September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sammy-Who-Who !!!

Today is your SpEcIaL day, and I hope it is a GREAT one! I can't believe you are 4 years old. You are turning into such a charming little boy with a wonderful personality. Happy Birthday SAM. I love you so much!


September 9, 2009

New Addiction....


I always knew as a future teacher that I would have to start buying children's books, but I didn't know that it would hit me this soon! As most of you know, this is my first REAL semester of school. I have finally entered the final stages of my degree, and I finally feel like I'm not wasting money on school and my classes are actually beneficial. I have fallen head over heels for picture books...... and that's all I've been buying, so hopefully I can follow my dream and teach first grade one day! One of my most favorite authors is ERIC CARLE.

His illustrations are amazing, and his books are classics! They will never grow old and will always be a classroom favorite. For my Children's Literature class we have to do an Author Study..... Can you guess who I chose? YEP -- ERIC CARLE. I'm actually pretty excited about it!

What are some of your favorite children's books?

One that has a lot of meaning to me is...... Love You Forever

Click HERE to listen to the story.

What a GREAT Book for any family!


September 4, 2009

*Happy Birthday Misty*

Happy Birthday Misty!
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday & may all your dreams and wishes come true. Thank you so much for everything you do, but most of all thank you for being YOU!

Love ya!

September 2, 2009

Washington County Fair

It's that time of the year again, back to school means back to the fair! The Washington County Fair is a well known event held in Northwest Arkansas, like many other fairs, you've got your yummy food, fun rides, arts and crafts, tractors, and lot's of animals. Growing up, my family use to show cows. This was a great way to spend time together as a family (lot's of time). If you've never shown before, then you don't realize how much time and energy showing an animal takes! Well, for us anyways. I'm sure there are the ones who do nothing to prepare for the fair, show up, show their animal and go home. But, if we were going to do it, then we were going to give it our best shot and go all out. GO BIG OR GO HOME.... right? = ) I can remember as a child, getting up before the roosters would even crow, probably about the time I GO to be now. Head over to Tontitown (Red Oak Estates) and start the fun and exciting process. We would jam to John Michael Montgomery & Garth Brooks and do our best to wake up, because we had a fun and exciting week ahead of us.

As for the carnival rides, we were never allowed to step foot on a ride as long as the fair was going on. = ( I remember always being so heart broken when all my friends (even fellow show friends) would go ride, but I never could! But on Saturday morning, when the fair was over, us kids would ride as many rides as we wanted, as fast as we wanted, because there were no silly lines. See, my parents knew what they were doing after all!

Here are some random pictures from the good ole' days... ENJOY
*Oh did I mention, if you love fair food, then you should try living there for a week, and having to eat it everyday, you will learn to like other stuff better.... LOL

That was the year I was born.... so mom must have been 8 months pregnant with me... wow! What a trooper!

Yes..... that's me! Who needs a pack-n-play when you got feeds sacks?!?!