October 30, 2008


Crazy things about me....

1. I enjoy A clean Car with a full Tank of Gas

2. I like writing with a Brand New Fine point Sharpie

3. I prefer coke out of a can as oppose to a bottle or cup.

4. A night of no homework is a big treat to me

5. I like Helping people that I don't know

6. A Color cordinated closet makes me feel happy!

7. I hate Socks, feet aren't so bad, but I hate feet with socks on them.

8. I hate it when people put Toilet Paper on backwards

9. Word puzzles like Sudoku frustrate me

10. I have a hard time Throwing Away clothes and shoes, you just never know when you might need them again.

11. I have a bad habit of grinding my teeth, or even tapping them to music.

12. I hate change, whether its good or bad, it takes me time to adapt

13. I set my alarm for every 10 minutes, to make sure I get up. 6:00, 6:10, 6:20, 6:30 

14. I like to ride in a car with complete silence, no radio or anything, even when I am by my self.

15. I can not sit still for very long.

16. I have never drank, smoked, done drugs or had sex.

October 29, 2008

I love Flowers!

There's just something about getting flowers at work unexpectedly! Flower's are a great way to spruce up someone's day when they are down in the dumps, or just needs a little extra cheer. My wonderful boyfriend and my beautiful mommy have both sent me flowers recently. My mom sent me some in September, and Trey sent me some in October, well, it's almost November... am I due for some more flowers yet? = )  Just remember how special it is to receive flowers, and if you know someone that is having a hard time, or a bad day, try to remember to send some love their way! Thanks Mommy and Trey!!!

Somebody say Skunk? Ya... Sally the Skunk!

I just want to start this post off by saying that I did take pictures of this event, so I do have proof! This morning at work, Shawna and I were sitting in the drive-thru, talking away, and all of the sudden she sees a "cat". She runs out the side door, but by the time she looks outside it's already gone. We sit there for a few more minutes, and then she decided to go out to her car to get some information for registering for classes this Spring. The next thing I know she comes running in the building yelling,  "There's a Skunk, There's a Skunk in the Bushes", Telling me to come outside and look at it. NOWAY, I'm not going out there, and getting sprayed by that stinky ole thing! Yes, sometimes skunks have a pleasant smell to them, kind of like coffee, but I don't need any new perfume right now! So, She finally talks me into going out there to see it, because supposedly this is the largest skunk she has ever seen. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen to many skunks before.... that are alive.  Being very cautious, we stand outside and watch for the skunk. She was in the bushes right next to the building. We couldn't see her, but oh my goodness, she sure was making a lot of noise in there. Finally, she comes out, and if that poor little skunk didn't have a glass jar stuck on her head. Yes! A Jar! It's was unbelievable. She was clinging it around on the ground and the brick wall trying to get it off. It was so sad. Well Heather, the Skunk whisperer came out side, got down on the skunks level and started talking to her, and eventually the skunk started walking towards her, and she grabbed a hold of the jar, and the skunk shook it's head back and forth real fast until it finally came off. YAY!! The skunk is free! But poor little Sally, was still limping around, I guess she hurt her foot somehow while trying to get the jar off. Well, after the jar was off, Little, or should I say big Sally hobbled off, without spraying us! 

Here's a picture of the poor little skunk, with the jar stuck on her head! You can see how close Heather truly was to Sally!

Here's a closer picture of Sally with the jar stuck on her head.

This was after Heather got the jar off of Sally's head. You can tell she was limping, she's even holding her foot in this picture. Look how pretty she is! I never thought a skunk was petty till I met Sally!

Sally the Skunk as she limps off..... without spraying us.... Hooray!!!

October 22, 2008

We've been BOO'ED

I have officially decided that I love our neighborhood! Yes, we live with a bunch of young and rich....or in serious debt people, but hey, they know how to have fun! Tuesday morning I checked our front door to make sure that I didn't have any special packages. I I am constantly buying stuff on eBay, so I never know what I am going to get in the mail next! Well, suprisingly, there were not boxes with my name on them, butthere was a cute little Halloween tub filled with Hershey Candy Bars and an adorable Halloween dish towel! We had been Boo'ed! Wahoo. This is awesome. I have noticed lately that all of the houses at the beggining of our sub division have little white pieces of paper hanging on their doors, but I kept wondering, well why dont we get one? Well, we are now involved in the game and we get to hang a piece of paper on our door too! Included in the goody bag is a note with a poem, and some rules exlpaining the game. Next, we are suppose to make 2 copies of the papers provided, and come up with 2 of our own goody bags and BOO 2 more people, who haven't already been Boo'ed! So I immediately jumped on this idea! How Exciting! I made sure I left the house a few minutes early, that way I would time to swing by WalMart, before work. I decided to get (2) Cute little pumpkin shaped trick or treat bags, that say Happy Halloween, butterfingers, milky ways, hersheys, twix and lot's of other fun candy and (2) variety pack of Halloween Cookie Cutters! Thru the goodies in the bag, tossed in some crate paper, and tied a ribbon around the papers that need to be included, and Wha LA... I now have a Boo Gift! Last night when I got home from class, I quietly placed my gift on 2 of our nieghbors front door step! The sad thing was, that they were still there this morning.... = ( Maybe they will find them today, when theres more light! This was so much fun and it gave me something to do besides school and work! I am glad we go Boo'ed!

October 21, 2008

Lipton Tea!

My new favorite thing to drink are the Lipton Flavored Teas! They're yummy and nutritous! You can buy a variety pack of them at Wal-Mart and it comes with 6 great flavors!


-Orange & Spice

-Honey & Lemon

-Spiced Chai


-French Vanilla

They have 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 fat and 0 sugars! You can't beat that! And if you want you can spice it up with a little pack of Splenda..... and wahla, you have some magical tea in seconds!

October 20, 2008

Fall Photo Fun

One of my most favorite things to do in the fall is have a photo shoot!  Here are some starter pictures, but hopefully there will be lot's more when the leaves start to change..... and when I get more time! Key word: More Time..... haha, funny! Thanks for looking and Enjoy!

My Poor Baby!

Last Thursday night, when I got home from class, mom had mentioned that Kiwi had a funky smell to her. She asked me to look at her ear, and to see if that was where the odor was coming from. Sure enough, I grab her off mom's bed, take her into the kitchen, looked in her poor little ear, and oh my goodness..... MOM, I yelled! My poor little baby had built up wax in her ear, and it was begining to swell, and yes, STINKY! We began to doctor it with the good ole' peroxide and ear mite medicine, hoping that was the problem. But as the weekend approached, poor little Kiwi's ear just got worse. By Sunday she was shaking, whimpering, losing her balance, and could barley stand for a short period of time. She tried to lay down in the bath tub when I gave her bath. She did not feel well at all. Her ear canal was beat red, inflamed and swollen shut. Well, after doing some research on the computer, I had finally convinced myself that she had an ear infection. I had mention the problem to a friend at work, and she had said that her dogs have had the problem before and its a yeast infection in their ear. Hmmmm... that doesn't sound good! So, of course, as you read the symptoms on the internet, your heart begins to race, and your throat begins to dry, because everything they mention on there is BAD.  So I begin to stress, worry and cry. Some of the the sites said that if there canal is swollen shut, then they will have to do surgery to fix it..... Great, her ear canal is swollen shut, completely shut..... o dear! Mom and I finally decide to call the Wedington Animal Hospital and make her an appointment.  I ended up taking her to the hospital on Sunday afternoon, and sure enough, Kiwi has an ear infection. After 2 shots, some pills and some heavy duty ear drops, we journey back home. I could tell Kiwi was starting to feel a little bit better that night. She was finally eating again, and starting to play with her toys! YAY! I think she's going to make it.... and won't even have to have surgery!  Yay Kiwi, your so strong, you go girl!