October 22, 2008

We've been BOO'ED

I have officially decided that I love our neighborhood! Yes, we live with a bunch of young and rich....or in serious debt people, but hey, they know how to have fun! Tuesday morning I checked our front door to make sure that I didn't have any special packages. I I am constantly buying stuff on eBay, so I never know what I am going to get in the mail next! Well, suprisingly, there were not boxes with my name on them, butthere was a cute little Halloween tub filled with Hershey Candy Bars and an adorable Halloween dish towel! We had been Boo'ed! Wahoo. This is awesome. I have noticed lately that all of the houses at the beggining of our sub division have little white pieces of paper hanging on their doors, but I kept wondering, well why dont we get one? Well, we are now involved in the game and we get to hang a piece of paper on our door too! Included in the goody bag is a note with a poem, and some rules exlpaining the game. Next, we are suppose to make 2 copies of the papers provided, and come up with 2 of our own goody bags and BOO 2 more people, who haven't already been Boo'ed! So I immediately jumped on this idea! How Exciting! I made sure I left the house a few minutes early, that way I would time to swing by WalMart, before work. I decided to get (2) Cute little pumpkin shaped trick or treat bags, that say Happy Halloween, butterfingers, milky ways, hersheys, twix and lot's of other fun candy and (2) variety pack of Halloween Cookie Cutters! Thru the goodies in the bag, tossed in some crate paper, and tied a ribbon around the papers that need to be included, and Wha LA... I now have a Boo Gift! Last night when I got home from class, I quietly placed my gift on 2 of our nieghbors front door step! The sad thing was, that they were still there this morning.... = ( Maybe they will find them today, when theres more light! This was so much fun and it gave me something to do besides school and work! I am glad we go Boo'ed!


Anonymous said...

Awww, so fun! I wish you lived in my neighborhood...I want to be booed! I bought you something today. Don't get too excited, I think it cost around 2 dollars.

Kirby said...

Feel free to come over to Harrison and "boo" me... I won't mind, promise.

Anonymous said...

You are going to make such a great elementary school teacher, cause stuff like Booing excites you soooo!!! Dad and I are glad you live with us still(in this neighborhood) to help us keep us with all the young yuppies!