October 20, 2008

My Poor Baby!

Last Thursday night, when I got home from class, mom had mentioned that Kiwi had a funky smell to her. She asked me to look at her ear, and to see if that was where the odor was coming from. Sure enough, I grab her off mom's bed, take her into the kitchen, looked in her poor little ear, and oh my goodness..... MOM, I yelled! My poor little baby had built up wax in her ear, and it was begining to swell, and yes, STINKY! We began to doctor it with the good ole' peroxide and ear mite medicine, hoping that was the problem. But as the weekend approached, poor little Kiwi's ear just got worse. By Sunday she was shaking, whimpering, losing her balance, and could barley stand for a short period of time. She tried to lay down in the bath tub when I gave her bath. She did not feel well at all. Her ear canal was beat red, inflamed and swollen shut. Well, after doing some research on the computer, I had finally convinced myself that she had an ear infection. I had mention the problem to a friend at work, and she had said that her dogs have had the problem before and its a yeast infection in their ear. Hmmmm... that doesn't sound good! So, of course, as you read the symptoms on the internet, your heart begins to race, and your throat begins to dry, because everything they mention on there is BAD.  So I begin to stress, worry and cry. Some of the the sites said that if there canal is swollen shut, then they will have to do surgery to fix it..... Great, her ear canal is swollen shut, completely shut..... o dear! Mom and I finally decide to call the Wedington Animal Hospital and make her an appointment.  I ended up taking her to the hospital on Sunday afternoon, and sure enough, Kiwi has an ear infection. After 2 shots, some pills and some heavy duty ear drops, we journey back home. I could tell Kiwi was starting to feel a little bit better that night. She was finally eating again, and starting to play with her toys! YAY! I think she's going to make it.... and won't even have to have surgery!  Yay Kiwi, your so strong, you go girl!


Anonymous said...

AWH, poor baby!! Good thing you took her!


Anonymous said...

Bless her wee little heart! She was sooo sick! It broke my heart when after she got a drink she had to steady herself on the door facing and just stand there til the dizziness subsided...
I'm glad she's better too..mom