January 20, 2009

Day 8


Bruiser was the #1 man in Kiley's life. My grandparents bought Bruiser for Kiley when he was just a puppy, so she could have someone to protect her and keep her company while she was in Harrison going to school. While spending that quality time together, they formed a great relationship. He was always there for her, never talked back to her, and protected her at all times. What a great MAN! = ) Bruiser and Kiley had a relationship with eachother that all humans would love to have with their dog. They respected eachother and loved each other so much! Bruiser went everywhere with Kiley. He would ride around in her convertible with his eyes squinted and his tounge hanging out. He always looked like he was smiling when she was around. He anticipated her arrival at night, and as soon as he would hear the garage door, he would run to the back door and wait for her with excitement. When Kiley first left us, you could tell bruiser knew she was gone. He would still wait for her by the door, and at night he would diappear in her room and go lay under her bead. He seems to be doing better these days, but the glow in his eyes is still missing. He misses his mommy!

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Steph said...

Poor Bruiser. If he could only understand she is somewhere so beautiful, just like his mommy...You be nice to that poor baby, it's not his fault he sheds ;)