January 15, 2009

Day 3

A Heart For Missionary

Kiley had a special place in her heart for missionary work. She had always dreamed of going across seas and working with young kids. In July of 2006 I had the oppurtunity to go to Honduras with Kiley and her church. It was an amazing trip, and to be able to watch my sister cater to these people was amazing. Her love for the children, and even adults was unexplainable. You could see the glow in her eyes when she was around these people, and even bigger glow in the young childrens eyes she was working with. They adored Kiley. The year I went with her, was actually her second year to go, and the kids definately remembered her and who she was. How could they forget such a beautiful loving person like her? Our trip to Honduras is a memory I will never forget, and I am so thankful for that week we spent together, growing closer to one another, and especially to the Lord.


Steph said...

We are only on day 3 and I am finding myself more and more at a loss of words. Kiley was such an amazing person, I wish I could have met her, for her to influence my life also. Your stories are so neat to read, thank you for finding the strength to share her beauty with us.

<3 Steph

Boop said...

You two girls never cease to amaze me. You are both such frufru girls and then to go on a mission trip and get all dirty and live with less, doesn't just happen every day. God must smile great big when he thinks of you, I know I do. You have no idea how much your family has impacted my life. God bless, and keep up the writing, it is so awesome. Love ya girl!