September 1, 2008

Mac n Me

I have a new man in my life, his name is Mac, and he is wonderful. He's drop dead gorgeous, and very slim! Everything a girl could want from a man. = ) Actually the truth is Mr. Mac is a computer.  I decided that I needed a new computer, with another semester of school coming up. I had my decision narrowed down to two computers: an apple and a sony vaio. The sony was a lot smaller and lighter than this mac, but since Kirby swore up and down on a Mac I decided to go for it. (since he is the technology genius) So far I love my Mac! The options on here are unbelievable, and being able to chat live with my brother while he is in Harrison is pretty cool. So Becke, now you need a mac so I can talk live with you too! The best thing so far about this computer is that it's light weight, holds a charge for a long time, and doesn't just randomly kick me out of pages! (Becke you will like my new computer better when you're trying to blog, it will let you upload pictures much easier! )


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your new Beau!

Kirby said...

Yay! Macs...woohoo! After two years, I just keep falling more in love with my mac everyday.