September 15, 2008

Did somebody say... CAKE?

 This past Friday I had the privilege to watch Bennett and Ella again. Since there is never anything to do, Katie bought a cake for Bennett and I to make. Any other time this would have been great! I love cake more than anything, but considering this was the first week of my hard core diet, this was very difficult, But we gave it a shot anyway. Bennett was sitting on the counter helping me mix ingredients, he was doing such a great job pouring in the cake mix, water and oil, unitil we got to the eggs..... I was going to do them, but he promised that he knew how to crack them, and that he does it at his Mimi's all the time. A little iffy, I thought to myself, hmmmm maybe a five year old really does know how to crack an egg. So what the heck, I let him at it, and oh was that a mistake, egg yolk went everywhere, including all over him! But it was worth a shot, and now I know he's not quite ready for the egg crackin' business yet. But anyways, we got the cake batter all mixed up, poured it into the pan and started baking it. By the way, Do you realize how hard it is to not lick the bowl of batter after your done... extremely! But I did it! I didn't take one single lick all night! Yeach ME! Nana, you would be so proud of me! (She hates it when we lick the batter and spoon after were done!)But Anywho, 
Bennett decided that it would be a good time to take baths while the cake is baking, than they can eat some when they get out... GOOD IDEA~   Well during thier baths, I realized that I forgot to put the sprinkles in the "Halloween cake mix" and that would be why it just look liked regular ole' white cake. Knowing that Bennett would be terribly upset if there were no sprinkles, I ran to the kitchen, opened the sprinkles, and poured them onto the batter. Well the cake had already been in there for a good 10-15 minutes, so of course it was already getting a hard film on the top of it, so I busted the top layer and stirred in the sprinkles as best as I could. After baths, and putting icing on the cake, I decided to let it cool a little before serving it to the kiddos. Well, as I was washing the dishes I turn around to put them up and there was Ella reaching for the cake.  But there was one small problem..... she couldn't reach, so long behold, if she doesn't pull out the kitchen drawer, climb in and try to reach it from there! It was adorable and hillarious at the same time, but of course very dangerous too.... BAD Ella!  LOL! = ) But anyways, that was my exciting night! Oh ya.... it ended with me cleaning up cake that had been thrown up!  YUCKY! Bennett was asleep on the couch, and he has been sick. Well he go to coughing so bad, that he threw up in his sleep. It was pitiful! I felt so sorry for the lil guy, but he never did wake up. hmmm !    

Here are some pictures of our beautiful cake and Ella trying to reach the beautiful cake! 


Kirby said...

you baked a cake and didn't like the bowl?!?! I'm very disappointed since thats really the only reason I would ever bake anything!

Anonymous said...

where did my post go??? Oh well, I'll do it again...geez
Empty drawers? What woman has empty drawers in her kitchen???? I'm impressed!!
How cute is Ella standing in that drawer and trying to climb to reach that cake...thank goodness she couldn't tho, huh!
You will make a great Mommy someday, and a great teacher!
Funny story!
I lu,Mom