September 10, 2008

2 Dumb Blondes and a Vietnamese

This past Sunday, Shelly Misty and I decided to go to "town" and return some stuff at the mall. While out and about, The girls decided that we needed a little pampering, so we decided to get our nails done. The mall nail salon was extremely busy, so we headed somewhere else. Not knowing where to go, we decided to try a new salon in Fayetteville, across from Walmart. The good news is that they were running a special..... A Manicure and a Pedicure for only $35.  When I go and get my nails done, I usually just get them painted, because I feel like they never do a good enough job for the price it costs to get fully pampered. But since Shelly and Misty were going to get both, I decided to splurge and get the real deal! We started the session off with pedicures, and I was very impressed. The tools that they use on your feet were removed from sterilizing bags. This is a big deal to me! I don't want anyone else's toe jam rubbin' up on my feet! Yuck!  So they proceeded with the pedicure. It wasn't the greatest pedicure, like always my heels were still ruff and the massage was pathetic, but overall I guess it was ok.  But this is where the fun begins. The little Vietnamese lady suggested getting french tip, to Misty and I.  Well I was already going to get french tip, but Misty was just going to paint hers red. The little lady suggests that Misty gets red french tip on her toes, because it looks really good! Misty wasn't really sure about the whole red tip thing. She like's her toes plain and simple, and red tips are not plain and simple! But the lady talks her into it, and wah-lah we have red and white stripes on our toes. But wait it gets better! The little vietnamese precedes to tell us that we need dots on our toes! "O, polka Dot's look so cute on toes, you have to try, it look good" Well, I was all for it, heck ya, polka dots! Why not! It's just toes, but Misty wasn't sure. Because once again, she like's her toes plain, and polka dots would definitely be stepping out of the box. But after several minutes of persuasion, the little lady talked us both into it. So, Bah-Bam, we have lines and dots, and yes they are adorable. Misty did red tips, with white dots, and I did white tips with black dots. We wrap things up with our toes and head over to the tables for our manicures. Remember we are getting we are getting a great deal, so we got to do both! ($35) Well again, the little lady, says, "ooooooo your nails need to match your toes, that looks good when they match" Misty wasn't to fond of the idea of polka dots on her finger nails, but she was feeling rather brave and risky, so she went for it! And of course I did too! Well usually most places have you pay before you begin your finger nails, that way they get there money and you don't mess up your nails paying them. Well not these ole' cats! They waited! Well Ya, Now we know why they waited. What was supposed to be a great deal ($35) Turned into a $65 manicure and pedicure.... each! Ya! They charged an extra $10 for tips ($5 for hands and $5 for feet) and a $1 per finger and toe for "nail art" That is if you call some simple dots nail art. So needless to say we paid $20 for dots, polka dots, something that I could of done! All together Misty and I paid $40 in dots. Those are some expensive dots! Misty, being cautious with money about hyperventilated. Her neck turned red, and she was furious. Shelly, who stuck with the single color of red on her toes, and fingernails, looked over at Misty, and said "You no Likey?" Ya, it was funny, but oh my goodness did we get ripped of by the Vietnamese. They didn't dare tell us their fees before starting this journey. And that little lady tried to persuade us the whole time we were there.  And did I mention, she asked us if we wanted our eyebrows waxed, because it's a great deal there? Ya right!  You just want more money from us. Well lady, I just got my done, so I know they don't look that bad yet, you little salesperson you. ERRRRR
So here are some pictures of our manicures and pedicures with a combined total of $130 (for misty and i)   WOW WOW WUZBY! 

I was hoping i could get insurance on these babies!


Kirby said...

hahahahahaha. my little frugal banker got ripped of by nail saleswomen! hehe. Thats funny right there. I could definitely think of something better to do with $65 than waste it on my feet and fingernails. Your such a goob!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! I hate injustice! I am fuming for you, my dear sis! That is just plain not right! It is pretty cute, though!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I am still wearing these $65 polka dots PROUDLY!! My students love them, of course my 13 year old students, WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?

But they are pretty stinkin cute, I am over it now though, ready for MEXICAN?!?

By the way, my hands and feet look OLD!! I need to spray tan or SOMETHING!! Call us if you guys go eat Friday night, we can all go together.

LOVE YA, even after talking me into a $65 mani and pedi. Outside the box was fun!!


Steph said...

That is rediculous! I can't believe they charge that much. They do look super cute though.