September 22, 2008

Edit This!

My new favorite thing to do is edit pictures on my computer. It's amazing how a few changes can totally change a picture. From Black and White to Blurred edges, it's all a blast! Here are some before and after pictures....... ENJOY!


Stuart Fam said...

I love them! I am so jealous of Mr. Mac now!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BeeeeU-tiful pictures!
BeeeeU-tiful You too!
My baby is 20 did that happen? I'm glad you are catching up with Beck and I and we aren't aging as fast as you!
Happy Birthday my lovely! Mom

Steph said...

I am hooked. Now I know I need a Mack. These pics are amazing, I love the editing.

And...I hope you had a wonderful birthday my dear. You are so beautiful inside and out.