September 3, 2008

Holy Couch!

So, I was driving down the road, fixing to get on the by-pass, and here I see this massive object fly by. I wasn't sure what it was or where it came from, until I realized it was a couch, on top of a car. This vehicle looked like it could topple over any minute. It was the craziest thing.  The very cautious  and talented driver I am, whipped out my phone and took a picture of this big bad boy. Everyone that sees it thinks it's a building in the background. But I promise it's not! You won't believe your eyes!


Kirby said...

Yay for flying couches! My favorite "weird furniture on top of a car" is when I see a mattress tied to the top of a car and the guy driving ALWAYS has his hand out the window holding on. If the ropes can't hold the thing on, do you really think he can?

Stuart Fam said...

people are nuts