July 14, 2009

Stink'N Lincoln

This past Sunday, Trey & I went riding in the good ole' Lincoln, AR! This is where Trey has hunted for several years now, so as you can imagine, it's very woodsy, which is what we wanted! We were about sick of the dirt roads by his house. Getting the horses loaded in the trailer was pretty exciting. A gallon of feed, and a rope burn later, Cashew finally went in the trailer. Trey was getting very frustrated with him, but I kept reminding him that he has only been in a trailer twice that we know of..... PATIENCE! But, my precious Kitty walked right in and walked right out, she's so good! (She's only been in a trailer 3 times that we know of..... LOL) Riding in the woods was very exciting, and very good for the horses. They had to cross a lot of tree limbs (left over from the ice storm) and weave in and out of trees. Cashew was like a bull dozer. He just plowed right through the messy woods. After we got done riding, we picked some fresh blackberries. Our intentions were to pick enough to make a cobbler, but we didn't quite manage that one! It took a long time to pick as many as we got, but they were yummy! i ate 1/2 of them on the way home, it was a great healthy snack! And yes, I did get several chigger bites! = / Next Sunday we plan on going again, but this time we want to go to wither Goshen or Wedington Woods! Do you know of any good places to ride?


Suzette said...

Oh how fun!

Anonymous said...

Does that horse "smile" like that all the time? Cute!