July 15, 2009

School Supplies

I love it when stores start to put out school supplies, but most of all, when they put out teaching supplies! These cute and wonderful things, really makes me want to be a teacher! I can't wait for the day that I have my own classroom full of children. I think it would be so much fun decorating a classroom! Filling it with fun and exciting things, name plates for the desks, bulletin boards, behavior charts, and much much more! The other day I saw some decorations at the Dollar store, you can't beat that..... $1! And Target had some cool stuff in their dollar section. I did buy a grade book and a lesson plan book! I can't wait to use it one day! Hopefully these next two years will go by fast and I will have my own classroom before I know it! (I can hear it now..... Ms. Martens!!!)


Mark and Cari said...

Well for some strange reason, i'm not very excited about decorating my classroom this year. Do you want to come do it for me? I'll pay!

Amelia said...

Where you living now?