July 29, 2009

Ba-BEE HorSuh

Ok.... So you're probably wondering what the heck, Ba-BEE HorSuh. Well, Peyton loves the baby horse and if you can picture an almost 2 year old saying baby horse, then well, you get the point! It's priceless!Last Sunday, Star, the pony had her first baby, a little boy! He is so cute. I was going to take pictures the day he was born, but when I got my camera out... well, it was dead! So, I got some pictures today, but he has already grown so much! I'm not sure if he has a name yet. Landon want's to name him Rocky, and other people vote on CoCo. But according to Landon he has a name already and it "Rocky Bailey Thunder" WOW! What a name to live up to!

We had an audience... like always! The horses and cows love the baby too!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is the cutest little thing! I want one for my backyard!!
Aren't baby "everything" so adorable!??

Amelia said...

Yes! Everything is so much cuter in "baby" version! Well, I can bring them home, they can save you money every week, because they can keep the yard mowed!

Anonymous said...

I think Landon hit it right on!