July 9, 2009

Making progress

I went out and rode Miss Kitty again, and let me tell ya, We Are Making Some Progress! It's amazing how much faster a horse will learn when you are able to ride everyday as appose to once a week! We haven't been wasting anytime this week! I have had her for six months, and to be honest with you, she has not made much progress (mainly my fault, because I have not had the time to work with her). But this past week she is starting to turn into the best horse ever! This week's goal has been neck reining. When she came back from the trainer she would neck rein, but not the way I want her to. I have always rode a horse that when you lay the reins over their neck they turn, not when you have to pull in. So, all week we have been focusing on laying the reins across her neck with a very little tug to help her, and she has been doing very good. But, today we were strictly turning with the reins across her neck! I was SOOOOOO excited. All that hard work this week paid off. And I'm sure if someone had a camera, they would have captured the worlds largest smile! I felt like we had actually accomplished something, and all that time was not a waste. We spent over an hour weaving in and out of the neighbors pine trees (Thanks for letting us borrow them!) And then we rode around in the yard, turning around random objects. I just hope when I go back tomorrow, she is still doing a great job, and didn't forget everything over night!

Kiwi got to go with me since dad was home to baby-sit Bruiser. And she had a blast! On the way there we had to stop at Co-Op to get some feed. When I went in, I left Kiwi in the car, so I rolled down the windows just a hair. I cam back out, got in my car, and pull around to the back to load up my feed. Got out of the car, loaded up my feed- in my 2 door honda civic.... I need a truck! And started to get back in my car, but for some reason the door handle wouldn't open. Ya, it was locked! Kiwi locked me out! My keys were in the ignition, my phone in my purse in the passenger seat, and I was standing there like an idiot tugging on the handle like it's magically going to open. So, I walked around to the other side, gave a tug on that door, and nope, it was locked too! I started to push down on the window as hard as I could, trying to give myself some room to squeeze my arm in there. The good news is that I got my arm in there, unlocked the door, but all the sudden my arm wouldn't come back out! My arm was stuck! Now, I felt like an even bigger idiot. I open the door just in case Kiwi decides to lock it again, and out she bails, I try hollering at her, with my arm stuck in the window, but shoot, would you listen to someone yelling at you with their arm stuck in a window.... after all they can't come after you! Knowing my arm went in there, so therefore it has to come out, right? So, I close my eyes, count to 3, and pull as hard as I can. Let's just say that all the skin above my elbow was pulled back, and my arm is now swollen and starting to bruise, but at least I got my arm back! And now, I head off to find my dog, knowing she is in trouble because I'm now FREE! We finally get loaded up in the car and head to Farmington.

But anyways, back to riding Miss Kitty, Kiwi followed me everywhere I went. And she didn't miss a beat. Even the hour we spent weaving in out and of the trees, she weaved in and out of the trees too. When we ran the fence, she ran the fence too. By the time we were done, her tongue was dragging the ground, and she was "dog tired". She even slept the whole way home, and if you know Kiwi, then you know she does not lie down in the car! We had fun today, but Kiwi did have to have a bath when we got home. For some reason she thought it would be a great idea to roll around in the barn!

Here are some pictures from yesterday, Bennett and Ella riding Kitty.


Anonymous said...

But, I hope your arm is ok. That story was toooo funny!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you finally have time to have some fun.Dad

Robin and Stephen said...

What success! I am so sorry about getting locked out of your car by your dog! Haha! Great story! Glad you have some time to relax this summer!

Amelia said...

Well I'm glad everyones getting a good laugh in! Looking back now, it was pretty funny! = )
And I'm glad i finally have time to do fun stuff too! I finally feel 20 and not like an old lady.... LOL!

Anonymous said...

girl, you've had me in stitches over here in conway...gotta love me some kiwi action.