November 10, 2008

Redneck Woman!

So, I am officially a redneck now! Trey and I have been together for a little over 5 years,and  not once have I been hunting with him. I just think it's seems so sad, and unnecessary to kill a living beautiful animal that was created by God, for no reason. Trey has been begging me for the past 5 years to go hunting with him, just once, so finally, this past Sunday, I gave in. We went out to Goshen, and I was all decked out in my Camo! That was the most fun part.... getting dressed! After we finally got out to Goshen, we had to hike across the pasture, which felt like eternity when your pants are falling off, and they feel like they weigh 100 lbs! I don't think the hike would have been that bad if Trey would have walked in a straight line, and made up his mind where we wanted to go, but he was like a freak'n hound dog on a trail, cuttin' this way than that. We FINALLY found a place to sit, and I tried to entertain myself by playing several games of tetris, and taking pictures of myself, until I got in trouble! "Put that camera away, you're scaring the deer"  What deer I thought to myself, but soon enough here came a beautiful doe out of the woods, we sat and watched her forever! She had no clue that we were there. Well that was fun for the first 30 minutes, but then she got to be pretty boring, So I decided to curl up and take a nap while he sat and stared at her for a good hour. Hmmm... I see where I rank, he wouldn't even look at me out there, and he sits and stares at other women for hours... in front of me! How rude!  = )   Well, finally he decides to get up and move some where else, thank goodness, I was cold, and my bladder was fixing to burst! We were headed back towards the truck, but than he tells me to go get the truck and pick him up by the gate clear in the other field. It's funny to me how he can walk 5 miles no problem out in the deer woods, but it's impossible to talk him into a nice, calm bike ride. Overall, I had fun, kind of boring, but pretty fun! I will go back, as long as he's not killing anything in front of me!

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Stuart Fam said...

You da cutest redneck I ever laid my eyes on! I bet Trey thinks so, too! I am glad he didn't shoot the doe in front of you...or maybe it isn't doe season? My husband is a golfer, not a hunter....and I just don't know how to keep up with the different hunting seasons!