November 11, 2008

A busy day off!

Since today is Veterans Day, I got the whole day off from work! Wahooo, thank you Veterans- You're the best! Anyways , so the day off, suppose to be calm, relaxing and fun right? Well, not so much, not when there's a list of things to be done, that you have been putting off.  I do feel pretty good about my day, very productive! Here are some of the things I got accomplished:

1.  Wash my Sheets

2. Washed clothes/towels

3. Went to the my teeth cleaned!

4. Bathed Kiwi

5. Bathed myself! Wahoo! Even better! = )

6. Raked & Bagged Leaves....not Fun!

7. Homework....Fixing to start a 10 page research paper! Again, No Fun....

8. Went to School... Ok Another not so fun thing to do, but got to do it. 

Well, I guess that's all, but it sure did feel like more, and like I ran out of time to do everything! Hmmm...... Well on that note, I decided today, that I am going to quit my job, that way I can have every day off! It would be soooo nice! Enough time to get homework done, go to school, and not have to worry about anything, except bills! HAHA...... ok maybe a night job? Days are much longer than nights, so I could work at night since they seem to go by much faster than days! Great Idea!   Well, that was my busy day off! I hope everybody had a wonderful Tuesday/Veterans Day! And Have a Happy Wednesday!

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