November 17, 2008

Off 2 See My Brother, The Most Wonderful Brother of All.....

This past weekend I had the privilege to go see my wonderful brother in Harrison. His birthday is actually the 20th, so mom, dad and I headed down there to wish him a Early Happy Birthday since we won't get to see him on his actual Birthday! We got there in time to go to church with him! It's amazing to me how much everyone loved my brother! They think he is the greatest thing  since cell phones.... boy do you have them fooled! Just kidding! My brother is a great guy. He is a strong Christian man with a great heart. Someday, some girl will be very lucky to have him! I couldn't have asked for a better brother. He's always so supportive, and a great role model to me! But anyways, after church we were going to head over to Branson and eat at Lambert's, but we decided to stay in town and eat at Salsa's. If you have never ate at Salsa's then you need to make a special trip over to that neck of the woods just to eat! It is the most wonderful Mexican Restaurant in the world! They seriously have the worlds greatest salsa. After lunch we headed back towards his apartment and celebrated with gifts and cupcakes! Small party, bot lots of fun! And, I can't forget to mention that if anyone runs out of freezer space, just head on over to Kirby's apartment! It's seriously cold enough in there, you could hang meat!!!! Below are some pictures of Kirby's beautiful church, apartment, and some other random pictures! Thanks for a great weekend & it was great seeing you buba!


Kirby said...

Yay!!! Somebody finally came and saw me. Thanks for coming. And "best thing since cell phones".... hahaha. Thats funny right there, considering I'm in Harrison where cell phones are probably still relatively new.

Suzette said...

Haha.. love Kirby's comment! haha

Okay, it must have been freezing, I noticed your dad with a blanket covering him.. Does he have the A/C on right now? Crazy Kirb!

Looks like a fun trip! It's been a while since I've seen Kirby myself! Glad to hear he is doing so well! :)

Anonymous said...

Is that Granny's couch in his office? Will that thing never die?
Funny post. I like the pic of the church.