April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey Bailey!

Happy 22nd Birthday to the most wonderful boyfriend in the world! I hope your day is full of cheer and sunshine & may all your dreams and wishes come true! You're the best & I look forward to celebrating many more GREAT Birthday's with you! Happy Day 2 you!


Anonymous said...

Cute couple, now we needs some engagement pics up here!! and wedding and honeymoon, and come on already!!

Anonymous said...

ummmm, no hurry no hurry misty.

Happy birthday Trey, we love u!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Trey Bailey!
You are a great guy!
Eric and Becke'

Suzette said...

I love your mom's comment. haha! I'm with Misty - I can't wait to hear exciting news.. :) You guys are awesome looking together! You guys will have beautiful babies! Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself.. haha!

Happy be-lated bday Trey!