April 13, 2009

3 more weeks....

I'm so excited.... I just can't hide it..... I'm about to..... ok-ok-ok, so on with the post. 
What's not exciting about that? I can't wait to be done this semester! I am so burned out on History, I don't know if I can take anymore! But, I guess that's what I get for putting them all off till the very last semester.... oops! Overall, this semester hasn't been too bad. AND it actually went by pretty fast. YAY  You know, I've always heard the saying, "the older you get the faster time goes by" and I never really believed it until now. It seems like the older and older I get, the faster time seems to be flying out the window. It almost scares me, and I wish it would slow down.... never thought I would say that. I had always planned on graduating in 2011, and getting  married that summer, but those are 2 major things, and I don't know if I'm ready! The idea of being a responsible adult, and teaching a classroom full of five year olds is scary. And there's always the question, what if they don't like me, or what if I'm not any good at teaching, then what? Do I have to start over, and find another career..... or even worse...... What if I love the job, and I love the kids, and the kids love me, but my crappy ole' knees wont let me squat and sit on  the ground like I need to be able to do, so I can get on the same level as the kids..... LOL-- That was suppose to be a joke.... funny. But seriously these old knees aren't as good as they use to be. = /    And then there's marriage. What... marriage? Ahhhh  RUN....Fast! Trey and I have decided that when we get married, we will have to continue to live where we are. I will live with my parents and he will live with his. REASON: We are both the babies in the our family, and unless you are the baby in your family, you have no idea how hard this job is...... hard but very enjoyable! So, we have decided to live at home, because, admit, mom dad, Hugh, Judy, you need us. And we will save so much more money! = )  And, if we do happen to have kids one day, they will live with me, and go to their dad's (or grandparents I guess) every other weekend.  Isn't that a GREAT idea? Okay.... maybe not, but it sounds good for now!  
Anyways, back to school. Yes, only 3 more weeks, and I can't wait. The only bad thing is that there is soooo much due towards then end of the semester.... crazy stuff like crazy projects, reports, and more tests.   ERRRR  no more tests- please!! And speaking of book reports, I have one due Wednesday, yes this wednesday, and asked me if I have started reading the book yet.... "Amelia, Have you started reading the book yet"? WELL YES I HAVE, THAT'S A DUMB QUESTION, WHO WOULD HAVE A BOOK REPORT DUE ON WEDNESDAY... IN 2 DAYS AND NOT START READING THE BOOK YET!   But..... I am only on chapter 1..... that's a start?  Well, I guess I better get off of here and go read some more, so I don't get behind..... LOL
I hope you have a great day tomorrow.


Kirby said...

Time really does fly by as you continue to get older. Especially the busier you get. It's driving me nuts. Pretty soon I'm gonna turn around and be single and 30. Oh well, that actually doesn't bother me at all.

No worries about your "career choice." I had the same fears when I was getting toward the end of my school career wondering if youth ministry was really what I was supposed to do. How was I supposed to find a job that wasn't youth ministry with a youth ministry degree? My options were pretty limited.

Anonymous said...

Time does fly by faster when you are older, I agree on that one. My baby is 18 months old. I am the baby of my family and I sometimes ponder living back with my mom...she DOES need me. It is hard, but having your own family is AWESOME!! Enjoy every minute of every phase in your life because it goes by so fast and everytime it changes it is different.

Oh yea and two things:
1. You will be a GREAT teacher and everyone will love you (parents, kids, coworkers,etc.)
2. Don't forget to factor in a weekend with Aunt Misty and Uncle Chad!!

Love YA!!

Anonymous said...

I "TOO" will be glad when school is over! No more homework for me!
No, seriously, I treasure every moment I can still still sit down with you and pretend I am helping you with your homework.
Memories I will cherish forever, just as I cherish you.
And I promise, you don't have to live with us when you get married. Your Dad and I will somehow find a way to cope. But, we will sure miss having you around all the time...just as we miss all of our children who are no longer living with us.