February 22, 2009

Sisterly *LOVE*

Mom and I had the opportunity to go to Conway this weekend and see Becke' and the Boy's! (Eric, Cade, Eli & Sam) And we had a blast!!! Cade had a basketball game on Saturday, and let me just tell you- That boy kicked some booty!! He is definitely a "baller"!!! But not only is Cade good at basketball, he is good at every other sport too! Very athletic- he must of got that from his mommy! LOL After the game on Saturday, us girls headed out to eat some Mexican Food and do a little shopping! One of our stops was by Merle Norman, and I quickly became depressed! My favorite eye liner, that I have worn since I was probably 13, is being discontinued... that's the bad news. The good news was, that it was ON SALE (that's my favorite word!!!) for 40% off!! So I stocked up and bought 9 boxes!! Wahoo! I should be good for a couple of years, but when that supply runs out, I don't know what I'll do.  
The picture above was from a quick photo shoot we had before we left for Cade's game. No, she's not trying to kill me- we were just having some fun! I love spending time with my talented and beautiful sister! She means the world to me! I just wish she lived closer.... here in Northwest Arkansas would be great!!!!

Happy Sunday to Everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

or maybe one day you could live in Central Arkansas closer to her. If I could get you and Trey down there....Chad would be a piece of pie. I haven't given up, still trying!!

Where did you girls shop? What mexican food joint to you to down there?


Amelia said...

We just went to target, Kirklands, and those stores around there! We hate lunch at La Huerta!! Yummy!!!

Well, I don't really want to live there... so you just need to stay here!!! = )