February 3, 2009

Day 22

Wonderful Role Model

Kiley was the best leader and role model for young girls. Her desire to help others and motivate them to live a better life was amazing. She spent several hours a week preparing lessons for a class she taught at her church. Her class consisted of young girls around the age of 12-13. She admired those girls, and enjoyed spending time with them on a weekly basis. But, not only did Kiley teach this girls once a week on sunday, she worked hard to help them achieve at school and at home with their family. She engouraged them, showed them respect, and gave them the self confidence they needed. Kiley was always stepping outside of the box, and did everything she could think of, to make sure these girls had everything. She helped plan events such as a Father Daughter Banquet, Church Lock Inn, Vacation Bible School, and led a group called Spark. She left a huge mark on these girls heart and I know they will always remember her!

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