February 3, 2010

Just Somethings To Think About...

Not much to say, just tired of looking at yogurt.

It has been a Long and Strange week. I won't go into details, but I'm just trying to remember that all things happen for a reason, it's just trying to find out that reason!

I'm also trying to remember that even though I am having a "hard week" there are people out there that are having an even harder week. Some of things in life that seem some large and heavy on our hearts are just small doses compared to some other people. I'm not trying to say that your heartaches or even mine do not matter, but try to remember that every time you are upset, send up a random prayer for someone you do or don't know, because it could make their day a lot better!

On a more happier note:
I used a new conditioner this morning! I love trying out new shampoos and conditioners! It's funny how the smallest things in life can make you smile sometimes! I actually got this conditioner at Walgreens (ON SALE) Which makes it even better and me even happier! I saved almost $5 on a bottle of conditioner! = ) Anyways, it's called Vitamin... Well that has to be good for your hair right? (Let's hope so)
It's funny how when you use a new shampoo or conditioner for the the first couple of times it smells SOOOOOO good. Why can't that smell last forever? Or at least after you wash your hair every time that smell should be just as great as the very first time you use that brand new bottle! It's like the scent goes away in the bottle, and your hair doesn't smell as strong, OR do we as the every day sniffers get use to the smell, so we can't smell it, but others can? So right now, my hair is shiny and smells wonderful, until I go to the BBQ Pit tonight and well the look of shininess and the smell of roses will be gone. Sad, but true.

Happy "Hump Day" (It's Wednesday!)


Becke' said...

I've had a rotten week too. I knew it was going to be a bad one when I caught a roach sucking on the end of my fairly new tube of toothpaste. Oh my gosh, that is just gross. I love you!

Kirby said...

Isn't it funny how we get used to a smell and it doesn't even feel like its there anymore? I know I'll have someone tell me I smell good and I can't even smell anything, but I guess I'm used to the smell and its new to them. I think its alot like that in our relationship with Christ. We get so comfortable and used to the "smell" of our relationship with Christ that we don't even think about it...unless we're lucky enough that someone compliments us on it. Then we have some powerful experience with Christ like a retreat or convention and its like we switched shampoos. I remember I was definitely wearing a new scent after M-Fuge in Mobile, AL.

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Danielle said...

I wish I would venture out and try a new shampoo or conditioner. I don't know why but I am terrified to try new things in my hair!

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