November 18, 2009

Past Due

Ok, so I have heard from many people that I am past due on blogging and that I need to put up a new post....

And YES, I agree, but there's not much going on in my life right now.... HINT: DULL DAY DIARIES! But, I will scrape and dig for something!

School is CRAZY right now. I have never felt so overwhelmed with school before. I have soooo many BIG projects due (around the same time) so any "free" time I have, I've been working on those. And that's what I've been doing today, minus the break to clean house and blog!

Kiwi doesn't even like homework anymore! MAMA... PLEASE STOP.... pay attention to me! Look at the face- that's so sad!

A couple of weeks ago Trey and I headed out to Devil's Den to go horseback riding and it was amazing! It was a great opportunity to just get away for the day and enjoy the beautiful world that God so graciously gave us. And the weather was perfect! We left his house around 8:00 am and did not return till around 6:30. We packed some snacks, drinks and lunch and called it a day! I had never rode horses out there before, but I highly recommend it! But I have been caving out there and that's a blast too! Devil's Den is a great place to escape too if you don't want to go far or spend a lot of money! (Well, it's not far for me! )

Halloween & Razorback Game Day @ Sassy's!

Ummmmm..... My Birthday..... Ya, that was a couple of months ago.... OOOPS!
Beautiful flowers from my sister and the cake was from my mommy! YAY!

Some school Projects.....


Please continue to pray for Hannah Grace Crumby.


Steph said...

You are so beautiful, I am so proud of you and the beautiful person you are. I love the pics of you and Trey. How are you?

Anonymous said...

my face is sad like Kiwi's....I hardly ever see you! Stop, pay attention to me!!! tee hee
Proud you are working so hard at school and getting such good grades. Love you, Mom

Becke' said...

You blogged! I read this a few days ago...just now getting around to commenting! I love the devil's den pics, they are purty!
I am coming to see ya next week!!!!!!!!! Save me some hugs!

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