October 5, 2009

Free Photo Shoot... FREEE

Head on over to LuLu Photography if you want to enter to win a FREE 30 minute photo session with with an amazing photographer!!!

A 30 minute session for an individual at a local outdoor location
15 edited images on a CD along with a reproduction release form

Ready to enter? Want to enter more than once? Here is how!!

1. Leave a comment
2. Become a follower of LuLu Photography (the blog) and you can leave
another comment
3. Promote this giveaway on your blog and you can leave
another comment
4. Promote this giveaway on facebook (luluphotographyco.blogspot.com) and you can leave yet
another comment

In total, you can enter up to 4 times!

Happy winning!
Contest ends on Thursday, October 8th at 8 am. Random.org will assist with selecting the happy winner! Come back on Thursday to see if you are the lucky one! (Out of towners can enter if they are willing to come to me for their session.)




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