August 17, 2009

What a GREAT Weekend!

This past weekend was definitely one to remember!

On Friday, Mom and I headed out the door early, because I had to be at work at 4:00. So, we knew we had a lot to get done before then. We started off our morning by right by going to the bank and then STARBUCKS! If those things weren't so darn fattening, I would get one everyday! They are amazing! Then we went and got pedicures (and I got my nails painted) So, we sat there, got our feet worked on, our backs massaged, and sipped on our yummy coffees. Can you say pampered? From there we headed to Target to kill sometime before we went to a new restaurant called Patron. There food was pretty good, but there salsa needs some work!

*Funny Story @ Patron*
We ordered the fresh avocado dip, and were eating away, when mom said, "are these bell peppers"? I said, "no, surely not, they have to be jalapenos, they wouldn't put bell peppers in avocado dip". So mom tasted one, and said well its not hot, I think it's a bell pepper, so I grabbed one, stuck it in my mouth, and oh my goodness, that think lit my mouth on fire! I guzzled my diet coke, tried soaking up the heat with tortillia shells, but nothing would work! Finally after sucking on several ice cubes, it went away. So, there were either (1) both bell peppers and jalapenos in there, (2) or mine was way hotter then my mom's or (3) I'm a big baby and she is tuffer then me!

We were going to go to a movie, but realized we probably wouldn't have enough time, so we shopped around some more at furniture stores and Hobby Lobby. It's amazing how fast the day goes by when you're having fun with your amazing mommy, and not spending the day talking to grapes..... haha ha ha haha (inside joke) =)

On Saturday, I had to work a double at work, so didn't get to spend the day with my mommy. =( We got new shirts in, and they are super cute. One of them has a lot of black and white, so I thought I would try to be cute and wear my black and white shox's instead of my light weight, comfy, nasty ole work shoes, yep! Bad idea! So, I text my mom and asked her if she would bring my my work shoes? And she said she would. Isn't she the best? But wait, it gets even better! So here she walks into Sassy's with my shoes, but wait those aren't my ole nasty work shoes.... those are clean and still white and smell pretty! She has went and bought me a new pair to wear! And let me tell you, I don't think I would have made it all day without those new shoes! My feet felt so much better immediately! Thank you mommy, you saved the day!

Saturday was the "GRAND OPENING" for Sassy's so it was pretty busy all day. That night we had live music and lot's of people, but even better, my mommy and daddy came and ate! I love it when they come, it makes me so happy to see their beautiful faces! And then, they called Trey, and he came and joined them for some possum pie and banana pudding! = ) The bad news is that we were kind of busy, so I didn't get to spend a lot of time with them, but it was still work it for them to come! Thank you!!! = )

When I got home saturday night, I had to come up with a lesson for Sunday, yes, I know, I am a procrastinator. Well, I decided to do a lesson on Samson, the strongest man ever, and how Delilah cut his hair, and he lost his strength..... anyways! Well we did the cutest craft! We took Styrofoam cups, drew faces on them, and then planted some grass in them, and that was Samson's hair. They are suppose to water his hair, and watch his hair grow. And to never cut it!

Well, that about wraps up my weekend.... and it was a GREAT one!


Steph said...

What a great weekend! Your mommy is so sweet, I am glad you girls had fun together. And what a nice surprise that she bought you some new work kicks, what a sweetheart. Your Sunday craft is adorable, you are an amazing teacher. Miss your beautiful face!

Anonymous said...

did you "Mean" to say hoe Delilah??? Well, it was funny, even if it was a typo

Robin and Stephen said...

lol..I noticed "hoe Delilah too, but I knew what you meant!=) I am glad you had such a wonderful day with your mom. And how sweet is she to bring you new shoes!

Very fun project for Samson's hair! I bet the kids loved it!

Kim said...

Cute SS idea!

Anonymous said...

I am not a genius or anything, but after reading that, I am gonna guess that you love your Mommy. Well, I do, too. She is some kind of special.
Samson sure looks like a girl with those lashes. Shoot, boys always have the best lashes!!

I get to see ya real soon!!
Love the hoe comment.
The Hoe Depot :) good times

Amelia said...

Ok.... my bad, so I can't type and I hate proof reading... please forgive me!

And the picture of the cup with grass is not actually a picture of the one's we did in class. I just put that on there so you could have an idea of what it looked like. And NO ours did not have eye lashes.

I miss you 2 Stephanie!!!

Anonymous said...

I sorry. (For steering you wrong regarding the peppers)

Anonymous said...

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