March 11, 2009

American Idol 2009

So, tonight is American Idol elimination.  Well, who do you like, who do you not like and who do you want off of the show?  I think there are several talented singers this season. Most of them are just so young.... just babies! Chris, from Conway, Ar just made it through! That's pretty exciting, one of our very own Arkansans is doing GREAT! Way 2 go Chris! 
They are doing a new thing this season, where the judges can save a contestant? That is craZy. They are changing everything up this year! So, basically, if the judges think that the contestant deserves a 2nd chance, they can give them one! Hmmmm. What do you think about that. Right now Jasmines singing for her life? Should she be saved?  She's very young, talented and pretty too! (She's going home tonight)   = (

Well, I know there are several good contestants this season, but there is one particular person that stands out in my mind. DANNY GOKEY    He seems so real, and like he really wants to be there and win. He has put all of his heart into this contest, and he is an amazing singer! So, if you are undecided who you really like this season.... take my advice and vote for Danny!!!! I choose him to win it all!

Well, I'm gona go finish watching and hopefully my top picks will make it through! = )

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Becke' said...

I like Danny, too! I think it might come down to he and Adam Lambert. The girls aren't as good as the guys this year, in my opinion. I am thinking you should get some hot pink highlights like Alex....Dad would love it.