August 10, 2010

Teacher or Dog Sitter

Today was my very first day as a "teacher". I spent my morning in new teacher orientation, and will finish that up tomorrow. Then, I join all of the experienced teachers for some more teacher inservice, from now until school starts. So, my summer is officially over. Today, we took a tour of the building, went over important dates and other information that ALL teachers needs to know, and watched a video on strengths. According to the video a strength is something you enjoy doing, not necessarily something you are good at. After the video, we had to create a poster, listing our strengths. Do you know how how it is to come up with your own strengths? Think about it: your whole life, different people, like your family, friends, co-workers, teachers, pastor, etc have praised you with your "strengths" (things your good at, but are these things you actually enjoy?) So, you should sit down and come up with some of your own strengths (things you enjoy) It's pretty interesting. After orientation today-- (Becke' you can stop reading, because you might get mad) I ran to Bella's Gifts and bought a cute little polka dot bag and got my name monogrammed on it. MS. MARTENS How fun does that sound? Now, I feel more official! (Becke', if you didn't listen, and you kept reading, don't worry, I've found something else for you to get me!)

I'm excited and looking forward to student teaching this year.

It's time to get serious, but still have some fun.

But, I'm wondering if I should think about changing my career....

FYI: If you write something down, and take a picture of it, it's backwards.

FYI: Even if you write the name backwards, the letters will still be backwards. = )

After several years of school, hard work and lot's of time and money - I'm wondering if maybe I should be a professional dog sitter. In the past month, I feel like that's all I've done!
  • Constantly check on a friends dog while he's out of town during the week. (almost everyday)
  • Dog sat for an old friend at the bank. (weekend... and had to take the dog to the vet, long story!)
  • Dog sat for some close friends while they went out of town. (weekend)
  • This weekend, old friend at the bank wants the best dog sitter back again!
But, I think I'll stick with teaching, even though dogs tend to not talk back! ; )

Have a good day!


Becke' said...

I find the perfect gift to get ya and you go buy it yourself. The story of my life...and Mom's too, I think! So, what do you have lined up for me now? :) Be sure and don't go buy it...unless I can't find it down here in these parts!
love ya sista!

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